Announcing the cast of The Wild Party!

We are very excited to announce our full cast of Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party! The show runs Feb 17-26 at IDL Ballroom. This show is part of our dinner theatre series, with menu announced later this week. The show will be performed in the style of immersive theatre, a concept new to our region. The performers will be performing in and around the audience, making the audience feel very much a part of the show. So, get out your flapper dresses and pearls, because we are going to have a wild, wild party:

Queenie – Tabitha Littlefield
Burrs – Rick Harrelson
Black – Andrew Zapata
Kate – Kaley Durland
Madeleine True – Ashlee Elmore
Eddie – Jacob Brockunier
Mae – Claire Schroepfer
Phil D’Armano – Robert Young
Oscar D’Armano – Jonah Fujikawa
Jackie – Dustin Harmon
Max – Powell Barca
Delores – Pat Hobbs
Nadine – Kara Young
Sam Himmelsteen – Freddie Tate
Kegs – Matt Griffiths
Doris – Caitlin Maddox
Evelyn – Becca Hyvonen
Marie – Kate Mayhall
Rose – Majeste Pearson

The show is directed by Meghan Hurley, music directed by Christy Stalcup, and choreographed by Brennan Peters.

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