Meet the “Judas” Cast – Jeff Jimenez

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We spoke with Jeff Jimenez about his role, Julius the Bailiff. Jeff talked to us about courtroom gossip, belly laughs and emotional response. Enjoy his insights into the show, and make your plans to see us in ONE WEEK!

1) Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in Mannford, OK, where I got my theater roots. My first role was as a cross-dressing Sheriff in How The West Was Lost (7th grade) – since then I’ve done dramas (Death of a Salesman), comedies (A Christmas Story) and musicals (Anything Goes) – among others. I’ve also been fortunate enough to direct a local version of The Odd Couple. I’ve been in telecommunications sales for 13 years and work from a home office in Tulsa.

2) Who are you playing in the show?
Bailiff – Julius of Outer Mongolia.

3) What initially drew you to the show?
My interest in working with Theatre Pops, but after I read the script, it was the modern day take on a classic biblical parable that piqued my interest.

4) Tell us a little about your character?
Julius is on work release in Purgatory and is working hard to get to heaven. He has a long relationship with the courtroom judge and works hard to gain his favor. He can be strong willed when needed, but has a good heart.

5) What have your challenges been in approaching this script?
A lot of people know the “basics” of Judas Iscariot – and his betrayal – this script has taught me more about the WHY, more about the WHAT.

6) What is the most important message of the show to you?
Understanding that the actions of other doesn’t necessarily dictate your eternity – and it’s never too late to forgive.

7) What do you think audiences can expect from this show?
Honestly, I believe they will run the gamut of emotions – from the opening salvo from Henrietta to the final monologue from Butch there will be opportunities to gut-laugh and openly sob – THAT is a show.

8) What’s your faith background?
How has that affected your approach to this show? My grandfather was a Methodist minister for 45 years, I grew up going to church. I had some experiences as an adult that took me away from the church and although I’m still looking at alternatives, my approach to the show has been open-minded.

9) What would you say to someone who is debating whether or not to come see the show?
Be prepared to be hit with STARKNESS, but keep an open mind and appreciate the themes.

10) This show is funny and moving. What do you hope people will come away with?
What would you say to someone who might disagree with a certain aspect of the show? At our first read-through I got uncomfortable in spots, but that’s a GOOD thing – it’s good to get out of your comfort zone – for those who know the bible is a work in parables, it allows you to be open to other interpretations – attend the show with an open mind and an open heart and you won’t leave disappointed.

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