Meet the “Judas” Cast – Thomas Hunt

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1) Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Thomas Hunt and I’m a ranch hand, gardener, actor, bicyclist nomad. I’m 28(ish) and have been acting since I was a wee lad. I went to OSU in Stillwater for theatre and lived up in Chicago for awhile doing basement theatre, indie stuff. Decided to come back home and be poor and happy. I’m from Skiatook, if anyone cares.

2) Who are you playing in the show?
Satan and Dr. Sigmund Freud

3) What initially drew you to the show?
My university did it in 2007 and it was crushing and beautiful and intense. So I loved it. And the idea of Judas as a man has always interested me.

4) Tell us a little about your character?
So, Satan I don’t know anything about… except the ol’ fire and brimstone stuff… so it was awesome to do a little research into the legend. I like Satan from a character analysis aspect and it’s fun to dive into. Expect my Satan to be…fun? Is that alright to say?

5) What have your challenges been in approaching this script?
I think finding the joy in playing Satan has been the most difficult. Also, trying to get down the mannerisms and body language of Satan has been a bear. A good bear though, like a fuzzy grizzly.

6) What is the most important message of the show to you?
God loves EVERYBODY.

7) What do you think audiences can expect from this show?
No clue. My heart was torn out every night and put on a platter and my mind folded in on itself when I first saw it… so I hope that happens for the rest of the audience.

8) what’s your faith background? How has that affected your approach to this show?
I grew up in a Christian home (who would have guessed?) here in Oklahoma… so I know a little about this stuff. I think having that knowledge has helped so much. Knowing the stories and being able to relate is something I am very grateful for!

9) What would you say to someone who is debating whether or not to come see the show?
Uhhh, come see it. We’re love. You’re love. It’s love, baby. Don’t let the language fool you. We’re all story and I think we do an awesome job telling it!

10) This show is funny and moving. What do you hope people will come away with? What would you say to someone who might disagree with a certain aspect of the show?
I hope people question their own idea of forgiveness and what human forgiveness vs God forgiveness means… Let’s start questioning ourselves, people. I feel like there’s something wrong….

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