“Tink-le” All the Way: A Theatre Pops tradition grows!

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Tinkerbell is Dead is a Theatre Pops tradition based on the simplest of ideas: one actor, one stage, one monologue. Our mantra this season is “Pulling Back the Curtain,” and we cant think of a better time to bring back the Tink!

This year will grow on previous productions of Tink, as we add several new elements. The first new element is an original monologue submission! We have been inspired by the thriving community of local playwrights in Tulsa, and we invite you all to be a part of “Tink!”

1) Original monologues should be around 2-2 1/2 minutes long and have a clear story and character.
2) Monologues with a holiday theme (Jingle/Tink-le….) are encouraged. Bonus points for incorporating bathrooms.
3) Monologues must be submitted by Nov. 4th no later than 9 pm.

1) All submitted monologues will be read and judged for originality, use of holiday theme, and “act-ability.”
2) Up to 4 original monologues will be selected, and authors will be notified via email by Nov. 12.
3) Our Tulsa Famous Judges will be announced shortly and will not be mean.

1) Original Monologues will be assigned to actors on Nov. 13th.
2) Monologues will be performed on December 1st at “Tink-le” All the Way.
3) Original Monologues will be published on the Theatre Pops blog, along with an author statement about the monologue and it’s inspiration. Those wishing to remain anonymous may submit pictures of a cat in Tinkerbell costume.

Monologues should be submitted to info@theatrepops.org by no later than 9pm on November 4th.

Questions should be sent to angmclaughlin@gmail.com or the Theatre Pops Facebook Page.

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