Angela Mclaughlin

Angela Mclaughlin – Board President, Director & ActressAngela McLaughlin, TPops Board, Stage Manager, ANP, All New People, Tinkerbell is Dead, Tink, Theatre, PAC

Angela McLaughlin was raised in Tulsa on classic country and The Rolling Stones. After  realizing that everyone in her family was a Republican and/or computer wizard, she figured she better find a different way to express herself. Angela’s passion for theatre started at Edison High School as a way to impress a boy. Classic love story: boy went away, theatre stayed. After studying theatre at Northeastern State University, Angela returned to Tulsa.

When she isn’t running around trying to convince everyone to come watch live theatre, she’s running around trying to convince everyone to read John Steinbeck and David Foster Wallace, and explaining the merits of Marvel over DC.

Angela’s roles in Theatre Pops include board member, stage/production manager, actress, bringer of cupcakes/pie, and cheerleader.