Charles Kevin Smith

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Born in Wagoner, Oklahoma in 1958, Charles holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in speech from Northeastern Oklahoma State University. A twenty-nine year resident of Tulsa, he has performed with Theatre Pops for most of the company’s existence, as well as performing with many of the other theatre groups in the community. Having worked as a ticket agent for the Tulsa Performing Arts Center since 1991 has given Charles the opportunity to sample and enjoy the work of the various arts organizations in the Tulsa area, and to appreciate and advocate their presence and role in our community. Interests and studies include the history and literature, not only of the spoken stage, but of musical theatre, opera and ballet as well. As a dramaturge, Charles has an ongoing interest in the works of new authors and how their work relates to current issues in the community and nation. The great classics of world drama also occupy a great deal of his time, as they continue to offer suggestions, solutions and hope as pertinent to our own time as to the times in which they were written. Community theatre, he maintains, provides not only entertainment, but also career opportunities and training, which may not be readily available or affordable to all in this city and region.