Heather Sams

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Heather Sams came to Tulsa for college over two decades ago and loved Tulsa so much, she decided to call it home. During that time, she has been heavily involved in local theatre, appearing in over thirty productions with Theatre Pops, Midwestern Theatre Troupe, Heller Theatre, and others. Several years ago, she got involved behind the scenes by joining the Theatre Pops board as Secretary.

Theatre became a part of Heather’s life in middle school, thanks to an encounter with an errant wild potato. She’s always been shy, but quickly fell in love with the experience of being onstage and immersing herself in becoming someone else. She’s very thankful to the directors and groups that she’s worked with over the years who have given her the opportunities to do what she loves. She has had the privilege to work with a lot of amazing people and be involved with wonderful shows. Some of her favorite theatrical experiences have been with Theatre Pops, which led to it becoming her theatre “home”.

The transition to working behind the scenes has been a very eye-opening and interesting experience. Generating exposure and interest in shows is a constant challenge and Heather has enjoyed coming up with creative ways to do so, such as partnering with local restaurants and bars to create special themed menus to correspond with Theatre Pops’ shows Bard Fiction and Monty Python’s Spamalot. Theatre Pops is continuously striving to produce excellent, innovative theatre and tell compelling stories, and Heather is thrilled to be a part of that.