Charles Kevin Smith

Charles Kevin Smith, Theatre Pops, Tulsa actor, board member, Tulsa PAC, Tulsa Theatre, Oklahoma Theatre

Charles Kevin Smith – Board Member & Actor

First, the usual: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech from NSU, Tahlequah. Born in Wagoner County and raised in Cherokee County, I have been a resident of Tulsa for twenty-five years, during which time, I have performed with several of the theatre groups in our city. Having worked as a ticket agent with the Tulsa Performing Arts Center for over twenty-two years, I have also had the opportunity to observe and enjoy the work of these groups and others, with whom I have yet to perform.

Time permitting, I enjoy writing (plays, mostly) and listening to music. I enjoy a great deal of music and literature, but always end up returning to the classics I enjoy most: the symphonies of Beethoven and Sibelius; the operas of Wagner; the ballets of Tchaikovsky. Shakepeare’s plays are favorites. Though I enjoy reading newer material, I also enjoy reading and finding new things in older scripts.

My principal hobby is antique, or vintage, audio. I collect recordings of radio programs (the older the better) and have over seven thousand 78 r.p.m. phonograph records. Film is another area of interest, though I tend to prefer films made before my lifetime. (One can learn so much from them!)

Why do I do theatre? I simply can’t resist a good story, and theatre is three-dimensional story-telling, giving characters on a printed page a voice and body. (A wondrous thing it is to be able to make visible the author’s feelings and imagination!)

I am most happy to have been a part of Theatre Pops, off-and-on, for the greater part of the company’s existence. Our group has always exhibited such a welcoming spirit, and has always made me feel at home.