In Loving Memory – Randall Whalen

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Randall Whalen – Artistic Director Emeritus

The theatre is all about the story. Ken Spence always said, “Just tell the story with love and care, the audience will get it.” This is Randy’s story…

Randy Whalen had never been married, but has desperately loved every woman it his been his privilege to know, and the only place that ever made sense to him was in a theatre.

Since 1980, and over 200 productions, Randy Whalen has been part of the Tulsa theatre scene as an actor, director, writer, and producer. He has worked with all the local groups, ATC, Theatre Tulsa, Sapulpa Community Theatre, but his best work would have to be the stuff he did with Ken Spence. Mr. Spence was his friend, mentor, director, and anything Mr. Whalen knows about theatre can be attributed to Mr. Spence. His favorite shows as an actor were Other People’s Money, directed by Lisa Wilson, and anything he’s done with Mr. Spence.

As a director, he is proud of his site-specific production of Inherit the Wind at the Creek County Courthouse, The Guys for Theatre Pops, and his work on the Tinkerbell is Dead shows.

When Mr. Spence passed away, Randy took control of Theatre Pops and considered ending it. Instead, he created a “Tribal Council” of like-minded theatre folk that eventually evolved into the Board of Directors for Theatre Pops. Randy continued to grow the company and produced more shows each year. In 2014, Randy directed the TATE Award-winning production of Seminar, Theatre Pops’ first win. In August of 2014, Randy stepped down from the company to focus on his health. Sadly, Randall Whalen passed on Sunday, November 2, 2014. His memorial service was held at Clark Theatre and was standing room only…his final sold-out performance. He was loved by many. Theatre Pops continues his mission to tell the story.