Sarah Block

Sarah Block – Board Member

Sarah was raised in Tulsa and has had nothing to do with theatre since high school (until now). Prior to becoming an adult and deciding to forego enjoyable extracurricular activites she was active in dance, attended Clark Theatre’s summer camp, and was involved with multiple local productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream through her school and the Tulsa Public Library. While attending Jenks High School, Sarah became involved with the behind-the-scenes aspect of the theatre and developed a feel for lighting and sound, as well as using large power tools.

After a ten year hiatus from theatre to get a few degrees in accounting from Northeastern State University and The University of Tulsa, Sarah opted to venture back into the world like a baby giraffe taking its first few steps – awkwardly, messily, and with some help.  She began by volunteering at her church on the tech team in February 2014 where she has the strenuous task of pushing the button to control the lights on Sunday morning.

Then, through Tulsa Young Professionals’ Get on Board program, Theatre Pops found Sarah and Sarah found Theatre Pops and a match was made!  She is wicked excited to serve on a board that combines most of her favorite things so she can get out of her cubicle and regain her involvement in the community she grew up in.