Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love
based on the screenplay by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard
and adapted for the stage by Lee Hall,
with music by Paddy Cunneen

directed by Rick Harrelson
August 3-12, 2018

Penniless and indebted to two demanding producers, struggling young playwright William Shakespeare is tormented by writer’s block until he meets the beautiful Viola de Lesseps, daughter of a wealthy merchant, whose fiery passion for poetry and drama leaves her secretly longing to be an actor. Both are despondent when they learn that Viola’s father has promised her to the stuffy Lord Wessex in order to gain a title for their family. Under the veil of secrecy, Will and Viola’s passionate love affair becomes the basis of the very play he is writing – Romeo and Juliet. With opening night – and the wedding day – fast approaching, the plots race toward a parallel conclusion. Will it all work out in the end or are the two star-crossed lovers destined for tragedy?


Cast List: 

Will Shakespeare – Austin Reid
Kit Marlowe – Conner Gilbert
Henslowe – Timothy Hunter
Lambert / Guard / Musician – Andrew Smith
Fennyman – Dale Sams
Robin / Frees – Caleb Fellenstein
Burbage – Tim Murphy
Mistress Quickly – Megan Mockerman
Tilney – Charles Kevin Smith
Queen Elizabeth I / Nurse – Charissa Lee Prchal
Viola de Lesseps – Sophie Kimery
Ralph – Nick Bushta
Nol / Musician – Thomas Sebastian Hunt
Peter / Barman – Kyle Williams
Adam / Boatman / Musician – Scott Taylor
John Webster – Garrett Wheeler
Wabash – John Burns
Lord Wessex – Chris Williams
Sir Robert de Lesseps – Paul Henry
Sam – Travis Guillory
Ned Alleyn – Gavin Wells
Molly – Madi Fiely
Kate – Kaylan Hughes